Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 19/07/2019 Airbus, Internship within Mechanical Engineering: Thermal Development Support for R&T Projects

Airbus Defence and Space
Airbus-Allee 1, Bremen, Germania
Progettazione/Ricerca & Sviluppo, Engineering
6 mesi. Inizio 1. ottobre 2019. 
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We are looking for a student who will support two interesting R&T projects. 

The first project is about the evaluation of the possibility to print heaters directly onto space hardware. 
The specific tasks are:
- Review of documents and requirements 
- Work out detailed knowledge of the printing process and related advantages and constraints 
- Support cooperation partner in producing hardware fulfilling Airbus needs
- If possible perform tests on the hardware
- Perform assessment on feasibility and usability for space applicatons
- Assure adequate documentation

The second project is about a regenerative fuel cell system.
The tasks are:
- Review of documents and requirements 
- Contribution to the development of a thermal mathematical model of RFC components and their interfaces (a preliminary model already exists)
- Computation of the RFCS thermal behavior under varying external loads (altitude, air temperature, solar and earth fluxes etc.)
- Evaluation of results and definition/implementation of thermal control measures
- Documentation

Requisiti principali:
  • Enrolled student within Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Physics or similar field of study
  • First experience in programming
  • Good ability to understand a technical system and the driving parameters
  • Fluent in German
  • Advanced English language skills