Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 02/07/2019 Toyota, Internship Advanced Technology/Kansei: Industrial designer/engineer

Toyota Motor Europe
Hoge Wei 33, Zaventem, Brussels, Belgio
Engineering, Grafica e Design
6 mesi. Inizio gennaio 2020 
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Fully integrated in TME-Kansei’s team, you will be involved in several exploratory concept projects. Your role will be to highlight and exemplify new user experience opportunities. These researches will use as starting point leading edge technologies, societal evolutions or specific user feeling targets and will be conducted in close collaboration with advanced engineering divisions.
The activity may include: You are expected to be involved in 3 main design activities:

  • Understand: A literature review > gather and organised insights from related fields.
  • Create & Build: multi-sensory concepts based on hypotheses initially generated using user-centred techniques.
  • Communicate: Using approaches such as narration or prototyping, create material able to communicate user experience intentions and their potential.
Requisiti principali:
  • Master Student in Engineering or Design, 5th year or Master Program
  • Competency in human perception, human factors, cognitive science …
  • Good level in graphic design (2D digital renderings with good capability in Adobe CS5, Illustrator…)
  • Fluent English, written & oral